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Dr. Tony Greco

What’s the “Secret Handshake” to Match Client Coverage to Care?

Saturday, March 24, 2018,
Categories: Business View

Clinicians in private practice have a lot of autonomy. But none of us “go it alone” - we work with a network of other providers, support services, community resources and institutions. When a client has an urgent need for additional help, we are often the “front line” in making that connection - in fact, we may be the only professionals that distressed person talks to. Of course we want to get them to the best care possible, but too often clinicians end up trying to navigate the same maze clients and families get trapped in, between shady marketers and obdurate insurers, trying to assess facilities without direct interaction. Sometimes it seems like the whole process is in the way. Getting clients the care they need means negotiating with insurers, employers and sometimes the client themselves. Winning the insurance battle can be frustrating, time consuming - and essential to effective client care. Often it feels like we need a “secret handshake” to get through the door. What follows are some of our best tricks of the trade for getting it done.

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