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Elizabeth Irias, M.S., LMFT

Boosting UR Outcomes and Quality of Care: Capturing Client Quotes

Wednesday, April 19, 2017,
Categories: Business View

As any Utilization Review (UR) clinician will tell you that pleading a client’s case with a managed care company can be an exhaustive, disconcerting process.  Those of us in this field were likely drawn to the work due to our desire to help others; we explore, we nurture, and we advocate.  It’s a rare day to come across a clinician who enjoys paperwork or delights in the UR process… it is tedious.  Utilization Review occurs behind the curtain, often with clients and families unaware of the importance this process plays in their care, though an enormous amount of the client’s treatment depends on this procedure.  Behavioral health providers want the best outcomes for their clients, and the documentation process can sometimes seem daunting; cutting corners in this area may negatively affect your client care, your overhead, and auditing results.  There are a few simple changes that can help you improve this process, both to better the outcomes for your clients and help the financial stability of your organization.  I like to call them ‘UR gold’: Direct client quotes and straightforward descriptions. 

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