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Richard Fields, Ph.D.

What Blocks Compassion & Why We Benefit from Developing Compassion

Monday, June 2, 2014,
Categories: Inspiration

Compassion and self-compassion are the new trend in psychotherapy, and help with healing, and a better way of living. It is said that mindfulness has two major benefits: the ability to be more compassionate to oneself and others, and added wisdom (Germer & Siegel, 2012). The process of healing that leads to compassion takes time and can be affirmed when one is able to let go of anger, resentments, blaming, criticism, judgments, and impatient behaviors. This allows one to work on oneself while invoking the serenity prayer:

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Quieting the Hungry Ghost

Thursday, August 22, 2013,

Buddhist cosmology describes addiction as the “Land of the Hungry Ghosts”, where people have huge appetites that are unable to be quenched or satisfied

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