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Letter from the Editor Recovery Month 2018

In the spirit of National Recovery Month, RecoveryView is proud to feature our annual  Recovery Edition! We are happy to announce, we will be releasing future editions based on themes in the spirit of recovery!


How Big Pharma Buys Goodwill: Set Up a Foundation, Stage Media Events, and Please Politicians

Were it not for the business practices of some of the biggest corporations in America that profit from the manufacture and distribution of massive quantities of opioids, many of those we have lost likely would still be with us. 


Sober Living Regulations: A Look at Trending Legislation

Sober living facilities, also known as recovery residences or drug and alcohol-free housing, have been largely unregulated for years. There are many laws, regulations, rules, and guidelines that govern substance use disorder treatment programs, including mandatory licensure and oversight at the state level. But, to the extent sober living facilities have been subject to governmental oversight. They have largely been done on a local level. Some municipalities have attempted to limit the proliferation of sober living homes and regulate how sober living facilities operate through zoning laws, mandatory safety standards, and other local measures. States themselves have been slow to regulate this growing industry.


How Do Your Treatment Completion Rates Compare?

One of the most critical elements for an addiction treatment program to manage effectively is the percentage of patients who successfully complete treatment.


Understanding Trauma and Substance Abuse

Trauma can be a difficult subject to understand. To put it simply, trauma is a specific psychological or emotional response to an intensely negative event or series of events. Trauma can be as upsetting as a divorce, illness, the death of someone close to you, or being the survivor of sexual assault. It can also stem from years of psychological or physical abuse from a spouse, parent, or friend. What unites trauma is the damage that these extreme experiences cause in the psyche of the afflicted individual.

Author: Matt Boyle
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