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Rev. Kevin T. Coughlin Ph.D., DCC, DDVA, DLC, DD, NCIP, NCAMP, IMAC

Psychiatry and Addiction Medicine Impacted by SPECT Imagery

Saturday, February 25, 2017,

If your son or daughter has a substance abuse disorder and is given a dual diagnosis for a mental health issue, how do you know if the psychiatrist has made the correct diagnosis? Most often the doctor will listen to the patient, look for symptom clusters, make a diagnosis, and prescribe a medication or medications for the patient. The problem here is that psychiatrists don’t look at the problem; they guess! All other doctors look inside of the patient, to see what the problem is; they test and see what is actually happening to the patient in function and structure. Psychiatrists take out their crystal ball and they guess what the problem could be, without actually looking inside the brain. They are treating patients the same way that they were in 1818 when German physician Johann Christian Reil coined the term “psychiatry.”

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Pathological Gambling: A Growing Problem

Saturday, December 10, 2016,

Friday-night poker games, the stock market, horse races, casinos, bingo, lottery tickets, football pools, fantasy football, online betting, sports betting, Pathological gambling is a growing problem in the United States, even though it has taken a back seat to the opiate abuse epidemic, a report by the National Council on Problem Gambling shows that approximately one in five pathological gamblers will attempt suicide during their addiction. 

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