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Letter from the Editor

Josie Herndon

Letter From The Editor

The Southern California Desert has heated up for our sizzling summer edition of Recoveryview, but we’re keeping cool at our new offices in Rancho Mirage. We are now located at One Mirage Place. That’s 69730 Highway 111, Suites 109 and 200, Rancho Mirage, CA 92270.  Do come visit us and take a tour of this beautiful new location! This is a perfect space for healing and training.

Saturday, July 15, 2017 Josie Herndon Letters From The Editor

Spotlight Article

Jasmin Rogg, M.A., M.F.T.

The Rehab Honeymooners

“How do you know when an alcoholic lets go? By the claw marks” – anonymous

Her dad was useless, unpleasant, and then he was gone. Her mom was judgmental, depressing, and clingy, demanding solidarity with her resentments against dad. From an early age Marianne was assigned the role of co-dependent nurturer. Essentially, she became her mother’s life partner. She moved far away to escape and never knew that she had taken her internalized mother along. She was to notice, much later, what a pain in the neck that had been.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017 Jasmin Rogg, M.A., M.F.T. Recovery, Spotlight Article

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When a fleeting little smile lit up his gray face he was a handsome dude and people would like ...

Saturday, July 15, 2017
Jasmine Rogg, MFT



AMA /APA Techniques in Addiction Treatment

AMA or APA training and techniques help lead to success in the battle against addiction. AMA ...

Saturday, July 15, 2017
Rev. Kevin T. Coughlin Ph.D., DCC, DDVA, DLC, DD, NCIP, NCAMP, IMAC



The Gift of Forgiveness and Love

I am a passionate and dedicated professional engaged in the treatment of addiction and other ...

Saturday, July 15, 2017
Jessica Rodriguez, PhD, MAC, CATC-V, CTRTC, CAI, CIP, CSC, FSS


Sifu Matthew

The Science of Mastering Sleep

As a society, we are trained to move forward with fervor: grasp the next idea; improve at rapid paces to achieve; maintain beauty, fitness, and ...

Saturday, July 15, 2017
Author: Sifu Matthew
Scott Kiloby, J.D.

Celebrating Full Recovery from Addiction PART TWO - An Interview with Mindfulness Author Scott Kiloby

In part two of this interview, Scott Kiloby goes deeper into the...

Saturday, July 15, 2017
Author: Scott Kiloby, J.D.
Dr. Joan Hangarter, D.C., M.S.

Setting goals to change your life

Years ago, when I first began my chiropractic practice as a shy, introverted woman literally afraid of her own shadow, I was introduced to the ...

Saturday, July 15, 2017
Author: Dr. Joan Hangarter, D.C., M.S.
Herb Kaighan

Is “God” Necessary?

If God is:    It is …  a Reality that has no beginning and has no end. Infinite!     It is …  ...

Saturday, July 15, 2017
Author: Herb Kaighan
Paul Steinbronner


The idea to produce a documentary about addiction as a spiritual disease came from a chance meeting...

Saturday, July 15, 2017
Author: Paul Steinbronner
Sherry Daley
Saturday, July 15, 2017
Author: Sherry Daley

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Wednesday, April 19, 2017
American Addiction Treatment Association



Does Pay-to-patient Cost California $100m Per ...

In the past 6 years, to balance the State budget, California has slashed spending for social ...

Wednesday, April 19, 2017
Joan Borsten



Celebrating Full Recovery from Addiction PART ...

In Part One of this interview through New Harbinger Publications, Scott Kiloby shares his ...

Wednesday, April 19, 2017
Scott Kiloby, J.D.



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In Pursuit of Dopamine with Dr.Wiehl

CNS Productions.

Book Review

Herbert Kaighan’s Practicing the Here and Now, Being Intentional with Step 11 Using Prayer & Meditation to work All the Steps is a book that will show true seekers that spiritual practice and connection are both personal and achievable. The book demonstrates prayer and meditation are essential tools not only for recovery but for living with peace of mind and real opportunities for growth within this human experience.

Prayer and meditation are often met with resistance because of the associations people make with these concepts. While we as readers, learners, and seekers want spirituality to help us to flow, we find ourselves caught up in difficult-to-understand concepts and vocabulary that has ages of history attached to it.

Through his beautiful writing, Kaighan explores philosophy, language and practical solutions to making spiritual practice lighter, more accessible and more honest. One of our favorite aspects of this book is that it comes with ample examples of powerful prayer text. Kaighan also provides direction on how to choose language that produces the right mindset for answers and guidance from one’s higher power.

Book Review

The Addicted Brain and How to Break Free Using Natural Supplements by Dr. Hyla Cass shows readers that there is in fact a “magic potion” that can help one to manage and liberate oneself from addiction. In fact, there are several magic potions, many of which are found in nature, and others in prepared supplements.

Dr. Cass has developed a reputation in the recovery world for sharing complicated scientific facts in an easy way and developing methods for people in recovery to safely and quickly get back on their feet. Her understanding of which foods work toward a healthy lifestyle comes down to knowing a lot about neurotransmitters and how overall brain chemistry is affected by the things that we consume.

Many of us have a good sense of what not to consume in order to improve our overall health, and we've also heard about negative side effects of those ordinary foods and drinks that we take pleasure in... like coffee and sugar. But this book explains science behind how ordinary foods can change our brain chemistry for the worse. If you weren’t convinced to hop on the healthy foods bandwagon before, this book will certainly change your mind and get you on the right track.

Book Review

The extraordinary changes that transpire in a person’s life as a result of stress management have been a topic of wide discussion among physicians, psychologists and even the general public. Now, the founder of LifeREstyle, Paul Huljich, gives us Stress Pandemic, 9 Natural Steps to Break the Cycle of Stress & Thrive. Stress Pandemic contains transformative, practical and self-assessment steps toward the kind of well-being most people have been praying for.

Loads of personal research as well as popular studies on the effects of stress support the wisdom shared by Huljich. As a result, the information in this book contains the keys to changing your neurochemistry and your overall life experience.

Stress Pandemic helps readers in two ways: it allows those seeking wellness to recover while also helping them to prevent future episodes of imbalance. How? You may ask. By breaking destructive cycles and installing new, specific, habits that are surprisingly easy and natural to incorporate. For example, the author describes the power of nutrition and exercise, but takes the time to hone in on the transformative effect of walking in particular - walking as opposed to other forms of exercise that are less natural for the body.

Book Review

Addictions, What All Parents Need to Know to Survive the Drug Epidemic by Rev. Kevin T. Coughlin, Ph.D. guides parents through the maze of treatment options, breaks down the question of what they really offer, and what signs they need to watch out for in their children’s behavior.Most parents reading this will be shocked to find out how many street drugs, prescription drugs, new drugs, and old drugs are within reach of their children. This book even goes into depth about what those drugs look like, where they can be found, how they are made and how much they cost.

While the book is geared toward protecting and helping children, there is even a chapter on what parents should look out for in their own behavior. Afterall, enabling and other dysfunction can quietly creep into the familial experience.

The details in this book are invaluable for a parent struggling with a potentially addicted teen and offers plenty of empowerment through knowledge.

Book Review

The Miracle Makers Club by Joan Hangarter, D.C., is replete with inspiration and wisdom. Through a story of great financial loss and severe physical injury stemming from a car collision, Hangarter weaves in a tale of restoration and healing as well as advice for readers.

While we’re all excited to jump into miracle-making action, Hangarter makes clear that miracles don't just happen through action. You have to change your thoughts and create a shift in the body as well. We learn from this text that getting into the miracle mindset requires that one think and do what's necessary to create stronger beliefs in what seem like far-fetched possibilities. The workbook pages in the book help to make that miracle mindset both a comfortable state of being and a process.

Lucky for those who aren’t used to thinking in terms of “miracles,” the author briefly explains what exactly a miracle is it how the word has been applied in history. She also helps to readers to realize how they are already in the process of miracle making. According to Hangarter, it also helps to clean up the “dark clouds” that prevent this ultra positive mindset from fully activating. Don't worry, there are workbook pages for that process!

Book Review

Natural Rest for Addiction: A Revolutionary Way To Recover by Scott Kiloby, J.D. is truly a breath of fresh air.

Throughout this book, Kiloby emphasizes that the concept of “natural rest” is... just what it says it is. It is neither forced relaxation, nor a specialized method of relaxation. It is merely settling into a natural state of being. This book demonstrates how one can use this deceptively simple tactic not only to feel relief from cravings of all kinds, but also to generate feelings of self-compassion. And the best part is... there are no side effects to natural rest.

This book does not suggest that people opt into a new system for recovery, but inevitably will help readers to create a system that works for them. While Natural Rest for Addiction has been divided into chapters, it is best read paragraph by paragraph. As the author suggests, slowly digesting the wisdom contained within will allow one to experience the best results. Also, experiencing the book in small pieces will make it easier to apply natural rest and to more firmly establish a foundation for recovery.

Book Review

In Unbinding the Heart, Agapi Stassinopoulos takes us through a personal and spiritual journey that leaves readers with a heartfelt knowing that everything will be okay.Stassinopoulos’ gift with words is apparent in this book which reads like a memoir of the spirit. A few of the featuring characters like her mother, father and sister are portrayed in the many dimensions that they deserve. But at the same time, each one furthers the narrative toward one inevitable message: with a positive and grateful spirit, anyone can live their fullest life.

An exciting personal adventure, Unbinding the Heart also takes us through Agapi’s earlier years - the acting years. Agapi’s life as an actress, before she became a well-known speaker and writer, could be book of its own. The drama that unfolds between Stassinopoulos’s parents is disheartening given that readers might fall in love with this family right at the outset. Also, some less kind characters make an appearance only to irk us. But with a wise and loving Stassinopoulos as the narrator absorbing and reflecting upon each adventure, readers are able to meet every disappointment and conflict with optimism.