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Welcome to the long awaited 2017-2018 Holiday Edition. We have had some changes at Recoveryview over the past few months. Marissa Maldonaldo and myself are the sole Editors for Recoveryview and look forward to our new 501c3 status in 2018. We will update the article submission process to include an email for Marissa and of course always submit to


Shackles and Chains

I was driving to work the other day and I saw a vision of a slave with a neck shackle and or iron round.  He was a beautiful but appeared exhausted, in great agony and very sad.  There were other slaves around him, so many you could not see where they ended. These slaves were Black, Latino, Caucasian, Island Pacific Islanders, Older Adults, men, women and teens.  They were all speaking to me through the pain in their eyes and their tired and motionless bodies.  On their left ankle was another type of iron chain with a word branded in it, it read  “HELP.”

Celebrating Full Recovery from Addiction: Part 3

An Interview with Mindfulness Author Scott Kiloby

In Part 3 of this interview with New Harbinger Publications, Scott Kiloby reveals the how the power of present moment awareness can create healthier relationships with potentially addictive activities and more.


When is GOD Powerless?

There may be such a Reality that we call GOD. This word is our western culture’s historical symbol. Be very clear, the word is not the Reality. The word is a symbol for this Reality – that which cannot be named. Let’s call it “It.”

Author: Herb Kaighan

Partnering for Recovery

How the Peer Recovery Profession Supports Addiction Treatment

As late summer sun slanted through the many windows of Barbara’s elegant seaside condo, Richard cued up another Shubert CD.  The afternoon stretched ahead.  We were content.  “This is what I sobered up for,” he said.  A decade later, Richard still plays honky-tonk piano and Barbara’s mezzo voice is yet coaxing our tears in lieder and show tunes.  And I, on days both good and bad, enjoy what Phil Valentine calls fulfillment in recovery.  “I’m living my right life,” I recently told a friend.  Turns out there’s life after addiction.  A life for me.  My life.  Who knew?  

Author: Ruth Riddick
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