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The Southern California Desert has heated up for our sizzling summer edition of Recoveryview, but we’re keeping cool at our new offices in Rancho Mirage. We are now located at One Mirage Place. That’s 69730 Highway 111, Suites 109 and 200, Rancho Mirage, CA 92270.  Do come visit us and take a tour of this beautiful new location! This is a perfect space for healing and training.



When a fleeting little smile lit up his gray face he was a handsome dude and people would like him. To him it was random – he looked on, incredulous of kindness and display of positive regard. He couldn’t locate his role in the game of life and he became too rigid to be playful with it all. His back was stiff and his neck was thick from the chronic tension of generalized resistance. It was as though he carried a head ten times the size it really was.


AMA /APA Techniques in Addiction Treatment

AMA or APA training and techniques help lead to success in the battle against addiction. AMA stands for against medical advice. APA stands for against professional advice. The training and techniques aid addiction recovery professionals and family members of substance abusers. All addiction recovery professionals should have this type of training and know these techniques in order to help ensure that those who need to complete a particular level of treatment are successful.

The Gift of Forgiveness and Love

I am a passionate and dedicated professional engaged in the treatment of addiction and other mental health disorders and especially the heart of those who I engage in my work and life.  Recently, I was a featured speaker at a Family Systems Symposium speaking on “Demonstrating the Power of Forgiveness and Restoration of the Family System.”

The Science of Mastering Sleep

As a society, we are trained to move forward with fervor: grasp the next idea; improve at rapid paces to achieve; maintain beauty, fitness, and wealth -- and compete at all costs. Striving at this rapid continuum can secretly deplete our invaluable body chemical stores and, while we may not be aware of it happening for months and sometimes years, our body and its wisdom will come crashing down and leave us in a stressful and sleepless paradigm, chasing desperate measures to find quick solutions that can damage our systems even more.

Author: Sifu Matthew

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